To give you a flavour of what to expect when you frequent this blog, here are two statements; one of which is absolute horseshit, the other is an utter pearl.
The reasons for these definitions form the basis of my stories in this – a blog about the land of communications.


Statement #1: “It is all about engagement, but the human traction you get from that will result in substantial collateral, albeit intangible – the value of which can be drawn on at will”.

Statement #2:  The credence gained by empowering your audience with simple utility far outweighs that perceived image of superiority gained by employing baffling complexity”. 


-Neither were said by Steve Jobs.

I began this blog in 2012, when I was a mere 24 year years old, eager, wet behind the ears and convinced I’d started the blazer with trainers ‘adman’ look.

After two ad agencies and a radio/tv organisation, I am now six years into what I hope is a lengthy career and after the realisation that statement 1 smelt remarkably like the moist manure of a big burly Shia horse, I have kept my eyes open for the utter pearls.
And I’m documenting it all along the way.


What do you think...?

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